Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu for a cappella SATB choir.............(SC006, full score)

$ 15 USD

Winner, First Prize, song division, 1995 International Fine Arts Competition, World Esperanto Association

Instrumentation: SATB choir, a cappella

Available Recording: MMC Digital 2170D

Duration: 5'

World Premiere: 6/14/1994, Bulgarian Esperanto Choir/Katja Vučkova, director, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

American Premiere: 4/26/2003, Master Singers of Virginia/Erik Reid Jones, St. James Episcopal Church, Leesburg VA

David’s hauntingly lovely Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu will echo in your ears long after leaving the performance; we are privileged to give this work its American premiere.” --Erik Reid Jones, MSV Artistic Director

SC006....full score (includes piano reduction for rehearsing), 8.5" x 11", bound, 7 pp., $15


Povas Plori Mi Ne Plu for a cappella SATB choir.............(SC006a, parts)

$ 3 USD

SC006a....additional copies of the score for use as parts, 8.5" x 11", folded, $3 each